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Truck Bed Drawer System Explained

Upgrade your truck bed with our cutting-edge Truck Bed Drawer System, the epitome of truck bed storage solutions. Crafted for overland enthusiasts and work truck professionals, this system seamlessly combines functionality and durability to offer optimal storage solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Durable Truck Bed Drawer System

Our advanced truck bed drawer system sets new standards with impressive weight tolerances. The Truck Bed Deck Slider supports an outstanding 440lbs when in and 330lbs when extended out on each side, providing robust support for all your equipment.

Versatile Truck Bed Storage Options

Maximize accessibility with dual top sliding decks that redefine convenience. Effortlessly reach your equipment with quick slides, ensuring you're always prepared for your next adventure or work task.

Weather-Resistant Bed Storage Drawers

Safeguard your gear against the elements with our meticulously engineered drawers. Whether you're navigating challenging terrains or facing unpredictable weather, rest assured that your essentials will stay secure and ready for action.

Streamlined Overland Storage Package

  • For a more efficient overland experience, our half bed package offers 1 drawer and 1 slide. Perfect for those seeking functionality without compromise.

Intelligent Overland and Work Truck Storage Solutions

Elevate your storage game with intelligently designed side compartments. Versatility is the key, as these compartments ensure efficient organization, making your overland adventure seamless and stress-free.

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Dirtbox Overland: Truck Bed Drawer System