Our off road Canopy Camper transforms your truck bed into a comfortable and secure camping space, complete with an aluminum tent accessible through the bed.


Experience the unmatched strength and lightweight design of our Truck Bed Camper, featuring fully welded and riveted aluminum construction with custom extrusions. Our unique slotted custom extruded aluminum allows for an adjustable mounting system and modular product reconfiguration, making it possible to attach tie points, ladders, light switches, heaters, molle panels, fire extinguishers, awnings, auxiliary lighting, and roof racks with ease. The extrusions run along the mounting base of the canopy and the perimeter of the tent, providing a versatile platform for all your camping needs.


Our Canopy Camper combination is equipped with a custom version of our rooftop tent, featuring a lightweight and fully aluminum exterior, a spacious and comfortable interior, and a built-in rain fly and windows for all weather conditions.


The Truck Bed Topper is fully customizable and features a variety of mounting options to suit your specific needs. Whether you want additional storage space, fuel tanks, or other accessories, we can help you create the perfect setup for your off road adventures.


The Rooftop Tent entrance is conveniently located through the topper inside the truck bed, providing easy access and a secure, weather-proof entryway for your off road adventures. This bolt on combination is easily removable, keeping your vehicle OEM for the future!


    • Multi position gas strut mounting holes for different door opening heights
    • Ultralight stowable interior bed ladder
    • Self-latching camover tent lockdowns with push tab to release
    • Push-in extrusion slot covers for doubling as wiring covers and weather blockers making for an ultra clean DYI wiring job
    • Full length stainless steel door hinges with inner rain lip seals, making for a stiffer door that can now easily handle externally mounted components with ease
    • Riveted exterior corners are reinforced for critical strength areas
    • Billet Aluminum rain fly support mounts
    • Latchable interior work table with hybrid strut to keep open when desired
    • Illuminated push button switches for master power, USB;12volt, and interior illumination with individual controls and dimmers
    • Laser cut slotted stainless steel canopy mounting brackets for ease and flexibility of mounting
    • Camover lockable and paddle lockable for fantastic door sealing compression and security
    • Multiple exterior "L" track mounting channels for anything you can think of