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Elevate Your Canopy Camper with Dirtbox Overland's Monolith Hinge and Grab Handles

Elevate Your Canopy Camper with Dirtbox Overland's Monolith Hinge and Grab Handles

If you're an overlander, off-roader, or camper seeking to take your adventure to the next level, Dirtbox Overland's Monolith Hinge and Grab Handles are the game-changers you've been waiting for. Crafted from five-axis milled billet T6 aluminum in the USA, these meticulously designed upgrades are all about durability, strength, and functionality.

Dirtbox Upgraded Tent Hinge

Dirtbox Overland's Monolith Hinge: Unmatched Strength and Rugged Reliability

The heart of these enhancements is the Monolith Hinge, a solid block of T6 aluminum milled with precision. This five-axis milled billet hinge is not just an upgrade; it's a testament to engineering excellence. By integrating this hinge into your DirtBox Canopy Camper, you're adding a significant amount of strength and rigidity to an already formidable rooftop tent.

What sets the Monolith Hinge apart is its attention to detail. This upgrade incorporates extra LED Amber corner marker lights, ensuring your Canopy Camper remains visible and safe, even in the darkest corners of your off-road adventures.

Dirtbox Aluminum Grab Handle

Dirtbox Overland's Grab Handles: Ergonomic Excellence Meets Versatility

A great adventure requires a great grip. The three-piece T6 billet aluminum grab handles are designed for optimal ergonomics. Angled at 18 degrees, these handles avoid getting hung up on tight trails, allowing for smooth navigation while providing the ergonomic pull you need to access your Canopy Camper effortlessly.

But these handles are not just for show. They're as versatile as they are strong. In addition to their primary function, they can also serve as backup tie points for securing bulky items during your overlanding trips.

Extended Warranty for Peace of Mind

Your investment in the Monolith Hinge is backed by an extended 1-year warranty, giving you a total of 3 years of coverage. This warranty speaks to the confidence that Dirtbox Overland has in the durability and reliability of their products.

Built to Last, Made in the USA

Dirtbox Overland's commitment to quality is evident in their decision to manufacture these upgrades in the USA. Each product is crafted from solid blocks of T6 aluminum, ensuring they meet the highest standards of strength and longevity.

Upgrade Your Overland Experience

For overlanders, off-roaders, campers, and adventure travelers, these upgrades are the key to unlocking new dimensions of durability, strength, and functionality in your DirtBox Canopy Camper. With the Monolith Hinge and Grab Handles, you're not just investing in upgrades; you're investing in the longevity and versatility of your overland adventures.

So, if you're ready to elevate your overlanding game, equip your Canopy Camper with Dirtbox Overland's Monolith Hinge and Grab Handles. Experience the next level of strength, durability, and functionality with products made in the USA and designed for the most demanding outdoor enthusiasts. Your overland journey has never looked more promising.

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