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Dirtbox Overland

Tellurika Rooftop Tent

Tellurika Rooftop Tent

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Introducing the Dirtbox Tellurika Rooftop Tent, an aluminum wedge rooftop tent for overland camping. Designed for ultra-fast setup within 1 min for overlanders who are looking for a lightweight, reliable, and fast-set sleeping platform.

The hidden gas-strut design provides not only extra protection while offroading but also full access to the T-slot system for mounting gears.

The aerodynamic leading edge with only 6 inches of closed height can reduce the wind noise and wind drag on the highway.

Microfiber-finished ceilings can absorb moisture inside.

All storage bags that are compatible with zip-on insulators (optional) provides a 4-season camping capacity.

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2 Year Limited Warranty

For 2 years from the date of purchase, Dirtbox will repair or replace (at our discretion) defective parts at no cost to the customer if they need to be repaired due to performance or functional defects during normal use

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