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Flatbed Systems Explained

Our off road flatbed camper is the perfect solution for truck owners who want a reliable and functional bed for their off road adventures. Orders are customizable for any truck size, so you can find the perfect fit for your vehicle. The flatbed is equipped with compartments for gear, water, and gas, so you can easily store and transport everything you need for your trip. It is heavy duty and can be used on its own, but it is also a requirement (and included) for the Expedition Series, providing a strong and reliable foundation for your off road setup.

This vs That!

In this video we go into detail about all the trick features of the flatbed full box setup as well as the flatbed half box setup.

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Arkansas Offroad Flatbed Tour

In this video Grant from Arkansas Offroad takes us on a full tour of his flatbed Tacoma build.

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Built for work or hauling toys! the Dirtbox Flatbed offers ample storage compartments for gear or tools. The flatbed has a high departure angle to ensure you are never stuck on the job site or the campground!

Flatbed with Half Box

The flatbed system with half box features a fully enclosed and sealed compartment that takes up roughly the front half of the flatbed. This leaves the back half open to use as a more utilitarian or "work truck" setup!

Flatbed with Full Box

The flatbed system with full box features a fully enclosed and seal compartment that can be outfitted with accessories for storage or our slide out kitchenette! Fully modular so the interior can be customized specifically to your overlanding needs!

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