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Rivian R1T Canopy Camper

Regular price $9,999.00

Dirtbox Overland Rivian R1T Canopy Camper

Transform your Rivian R1T into the ultimate exploration vehicle with the Dirtbox Overland Canopy Camper. Tailored for the modern adventurer who values sustainability and innovation, this canopy camper combines eco-friendly design with unparalleled functionality. Embark on your eco-conscious journeys with confidence, equipped with a camper that sets new standards in ruggedness and adaptability, ready to elevate every outdoor experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Custom Made Extrusions: Customize your eco-friendly rig with endless mounting options for your adventure gear and eco-tech accessories.
  • L-Track on Side Doors: Streamline your storage with our adaptable L-track system, ensuring your essentials are secured and organized efficiently.
  • Interior Lighting: Illuminate your sustainable living space with integrated interior lighting, providing comfort and visibility in any setting.
  • Front and Rear Window Options: Craft your optimal environment with various window configurations, blending privacy with immersive outdoor views.
  • Built for the Future: Venture into the wilderness with a canopy camper designed for durability and sustainability, ready for any adventure.

The Dirtbox Overland Rivian R1T Canopy Camper is engineered for those who tread lightly on the earth while embracing the call of the wild. Prepare for your next eco-adventure with a canopy camper that redefines environmental consciousness and flexibility, ensuring each journey contributes to a greener tomorrow. With the Dirtbox Canopy Camper, your exploration impacts are as considerate as your spirit is adventurous.

Camper weighs roughly 275lbs 

*There is roughly a 1.5" gap between the truck cab and the bottom of the canopy.

*The top of the canopy is roughly 10 inches taller then the truck cab.

Note: Deposits are non-refundable and will be applied toward the final purchase price of your Canopy Camper.

A member of our sales team will reach out to finalize your order!

- Once deposit is placed you will be notified when your camper is ready. 

- Once notified you will have 10 days to pay your remaining balance. 

- If balance is not paid within the 10 day period you will be subject to loss of your order. If unforeseen circumstances arise during this period please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

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