- What is the cost of the S-Pod system?

6 switches $580 / 8 switches $915

- What steps should be taken to allow for solar integration
at a later date (post-purchase)?

For a soft solar no extra steps needed. If hard panel solar
is wanted, then crossbars will need to be purchased from us and installed.

- What level of gas struts should be chosen if I want to
carry the following: (2) 100–200-watt solar panels and a kayak? I may also
carry snowboards from time to time.

Standard gas struts will work.

- Does the wheel well toolbox option still allow access to
the outlet in the bed?


- What kind of mattress is provided as default?

Standard options are either memory foam or high flow mattress.

- Do you recommend bed stiffeners for Tacoma’s? If so, do
you have a brand preference? I would imagine this may interfere with the in-bed
water tank.

Yes, we do recommend them, we like Total Chaos. Those fit
with the water tank and tool box.